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"Once: Neverland" Stars Sophie Lowe as Alice

Sophie Lowe
Sophie Lowe stars as Alice

Thanks for visiting! This blog will be devoted to news and commentary about the ABC Television Network's planned spinoff from its hit "Once Upon a Time" of a new show called "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland." As I write this, little is known about the show beyond its stars and general plot, which revolves around Alice's adventures in a strange world she knows as Wonderland.

Peter Gadiot
Peter Gadiot also stars

Currently, we don't know yet if there even will be a series. All we know is that a pilot has been prepared and is scheduled to start shooting on April 7, 2013. It is being prepared by the same team that created "Once Upon a Time," so it likely will have similar themes and tone.

Peter Gadiot Cyrus Wonderland
Peter Gadiot as Cyrus

If ABC (which undoubtedly has first crack at it) or another network likes the pilot and buys it, "Once: Wonderland" will become a series. Otherwise, "Once: Wonderlandand" will become nothing but a footnote to "Once Upon a Time" and quickly forgotten.

Michael Socha
Michael Socha has been cast in "Once: Neverland"

There were rumors swirling about that the series would focus on the Lewis Carroll character of The Mad Hatter. However, those rumors turned out to be incorrect. There has been no official word from ABC sources that The Mad Hatter will figure into the series at all. Sebastian Stan played The Mad Hatter on "Once Upon a Time," but he is involved in other projects. Michael Socha plays The Knave,

Michael Socha the Knave
Those mushrooms look tasty

ABC has been adamant that they will not recast the role of The Mad Hatter, so perhaps Sebastian Stan will show up now and then when he is available. If he isn't free or interested in appearing, the only conclusion we currently can draw is that The Mad Hatter will not appear on the new show.

Barbara Hershey
Barbara Hershey would be a popular addition to the show

Another, more current rumor is that Barbara Hershey will reprise her role from "Once Upon a Time" of the Queen of Hearts ("Cora" in the "Once Upon a Time" real world). There is nothing official on that, either, but Hershey is not currently listed as having many future projects lined up, so perhaps she will be available, if asked to appear.

Sophie Lowe Alice in Wonderland
Sophie Lowe as Alice in Wonderland

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