Saturday, March 29, 2014

"Wonderland" Cancelled

We Bid a Fond Farewell

Goodbye, and thanks!

ABC announced that "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" is cancelled. The April 3, 2014 episode is the last one from this "Once Upon a Time" spinoff.

There are 13 episodes in all of this series. It always was planned as a one-season show to tell a complete tale of a modern Alice in Wonderland. The ratings were never very solid, and, in general, spinoffs that happen while the main series is in full bloom rarely do well for long (such as "The Ropers" from "Three's Company" and the weird detective spinoff from "Baywatch," just to name a couple of the odder ones).

Series star Sophie Lowe has a bright future

The scheduling for "Wonderland" doomed it. The original strategy was for "Wonderland" to fill the three-month gap between the fall and spring editions of "Once Upon a Time." Instead, for reasons known only to themselves, the programmers slotted "Wonderland" to run at the same time the main series was airing, during the middle of the week rather than in the same Sunday night "Once" slot. This scheduling also put a massive strain on the production company, which had to have two separate top-quality crews working simultaneously rather than one crew which could work on both series consecutively. In that situation, the junior series always gets slighted, it's only natural. While there always are a variety of reasons for a cancellation, that blunder by the programmers must be reckoned fairly high on the list. The lack of a true breakout star such as Lana Parrilla in "Once Upon a Time" also contributed.

There may be other spinoffs from "Once Upon a Time," and it even is possible that those spinoffs could include cast members from "Wonderland" or some thematic variation on "Wonderland." No such series are currently planned, but "Once Upon a Time" itself is still going strong and undoubtedly will be around for a season four.

We are thankful for the excellent season we have had with this fine cast and crew and wish them all the best in their future endeavors!